How to Keep Your Jewelry Clean During Summer

Your jewelry can get grimy and dirty if you wear it every day. This is especially important if you wear your jewelry every day during the summertime, as you move and sweat a lot during this time.

Today, we will discuss how you can always keep your jewelry looking amazing and clean during the summertime. If you have noticed that it seems dull, no matter how you clean it, then it might be time to get some high-end jewelry retouching.

Clean Your Jewels Every Day

Of course, our first tip is to clean your jewelry right after wearing it. If you wear it every day and do not take it off when swimming at beaches and pools, during bathtime, and when putting moisturizer or lotion on, then the gunk will accumulate on your jewelry really fast.

To clean your jewelry, simply take a soft cloth and a jewelry cleaner and wipe your jewelry with it. You should make sure that the cleaner that you will use is appropriate for the metal type. That way, you will not damage the piece.

Don’t Let Your Jewels Sit

Don’t wait for hours or days before finally cleaning your jewelry, as the dirt and grime can harden, making it much more difficult to remove the gunk. If you do not have the cleaner on hand, then you can try using some warm water and mild soap to clean your jewelry.

Simply soak the jewelry in warm water for a few minutes to loosen the dirt. Take it out after a while and scrub it with a soft brush and mild soap. Rinse it properly and wipe with a clean cloth right after.

Take Off Your Jewels


The simplest and no-brainer way to keep your jewelry clean during the summertime is to take it off. This is especially important if you are showering, swimming, or gardening. This will also eliminate the chances of losing your ring, your bracelet, or your necklace.

Just make sure to store it in a safe dish or jewelry box when not in use so that dust or dirt will not accumulate on it. Put these dishes around your house so that you can take your jewelry off anytime but still keep it safe.

Retouch Your Jewels

Lastly, if the dirt and grime don’t seem to budge, no matter how much you clean it, then it might be time to have your pieces professionally retouched. Also, your jewelry will definitely lose its shine over time, no matter how much you try to clean it.

Always make sure to bring your jewelry to a professional jeweler. You can be sure that they will properly care for and clean your jewelry. Look for the best ones on the Internet and look at the reviews just to be sure.

Overall, jewelry pieces are very precious, which is why you should always take proper care of them. You must never clean your jewelry with harsh chemicals because doing so can permanently damage or tarnish your pieces.

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