Make Pay-Per-Click Marketing Work for Your Business

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing is a highly effective web marketing tool that big and small businesses use to put the word out about their services or products. You could have the best website design from a reliable outsourceWordPress development company, but without tools like search engine optimization (SEO) or PPC marketing, you might not be maximizing your efforts to reach your market. Especially with PPC marketing, you can bid for an ad on specific keywords related to the services or products that you offer.

For example, you can place an ad for “cheap second-hand car in Dallas”. Search engines such as Google and Bing, where you might have placed your ad, will then show a link to your website on top of the search results for this search query. You will only pay these search engines for the actual number of times that your specific ad was clicked on by searchers.

The good news is that there are many companies that can help any business owner who wants maximum exposure on a limited budget. When done properly, PPC campaigns can provide a tremendous online presence to any website. This solid web presence could, in turn, translate to huge profits that could propel even the smallest businesses into a great success.

Expands customer base

Since your ads are connected to specific search queries, searchers who are using such keywords will surely find your ads. Imagine your single ad being placed on the search engine results page (SERP) of a search query with one million organic searches – that’s the same figure that you have the potential to reach if they would all click on your PPC ad.

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It’s an excellent way of reaching a local audience

Searchers who are looking for a business that is nearest to them will see your ads easily. For example, someone looking for a budget restaurant in Dallas will most likely use “budget restaurant” or “affordable Singapore restaurant”. If you have placed a PPC ad for any or both of these search terms, then you could instantly turn that person into a potential customer. It’s no wonder why small businesses rely heavily on PPC as a major advertising method.

Customizable list of negative keywords

With a PPC campaign, you can determine specific negative keywords so Google won’t show your ads when these keywords are used. For example, Google won’t run your ad on search queries that have the keywords “free” and “how-to” if you listed them as negative keywords for your ad. This will allow you to avoid paying for your ads in search terms that won’t convert to sales or profits for your business.

You can choose the time during which your ads would be shown

PPC campaigns could also be customized to only run at the same time as your business hours or only during specific hours that have shown the highest conversion rates or click-through rates (CTR). Looking at actual reports or analytics can help you make well-informed decisions on when to run your ads.

Campaign tracking

You can also track how your campaigns are doing and you can determine which keywords you have bid for are getting clicks for searchers. This way, you can modify your campaigns to discontinue ads for search terms that are performing poorly based on reports.

Make sure to hire a reliable PPC company to handle your campaign. By trusting only the experts, you can be sure that your PPC ads are run properly so your website can have solid online visibility.

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