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Modernize Your Office: The Strategies You Can Adopt to Upgrade the Workplace

Many companies, especially older ones, are struggling to adapt to the evolving corporate culture and keep their offices up to date. There are many benefits to modernizing the workplace, the most important of which is increased productivity.

If you do not want your office to be stuck in the past while your competitors move towards the future, here is what you need to do:

Integrate to the Cloud

The general public has integrated cloud computing into everyday life. From checking emails to streaming favorite shows, many of the tasks that people accomplish online involve Cloud computing in one form or another. However, businesses are still not making the transition.

The Cloud offers many advantages to businesses. This includes mobility, flexibility, security, insights, and cost savings. For example, ServiceNow, a company that provides service management service, offers many tools that streamline the workflow and improve productivity in the office. There are ServiceNow implementation services to help seamlessly integrate your platform and make the transition to the Cloud.

Upgrade to Smart Devices

A modern office makes the most of technology. Making upgrades within your office can be as simple as buying the latest model of computer and other equipment that your employees use every day, but you can go the extra mile by updating other fixtures that affect your day-to-day. Add smart lighting, for example, that can be adjusted depending on what the office needs. A smart thermostat can learn your preferences and adapt so that the office is always at the right temperature.

Digital assistants like Siri and Alexa can also be integrated into your office. Consider adding voice user interface (VUI) in every table or, at least, provide one for every team. VUI speeds up scheduling appointments, calling clients, ordering food, and other mundane tasks. Installing VUI will also make an office more accessible to people who have weakened motor functions, problems with eyesight, and older employees who may be struggling to adapt to modern technologies.

Microsoft conducted a study which found that workplaces with stronger digital cultures — those that encourage employees to use technology to get things done efficiently — are more productive than others.

Open Up Your Office

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A modern office not only allows but encourages collaboration. Cubicles are not as effective in boosting productivity as you may have initially thought. In fact, they may prevent people from working together.

If tearing down cubicles is not an option, then perhaps you can provide a space in your office where employees can sit together and brainstorm for out-of-the-box solutions. Opening up your office will also help build stronger working relationships between employees and may improve overall job satisfaction.

Allow Remote Working

Thanks to the internet, many jobs can be accomplished without an employee being physically present inside the office. There are many benefits to remote work. While reduced overhead cost may be the most popular, because the output is now more important than hours worked, employees tend to become more productive every day.

The responsibility to modernize your office can be stressful. Before you make changes, it is best to call a meeting and ask for everyone’s input. Your employees likely have ideas that can help make them work more efficiently and improve productivity. Involve them in every step of the process so that you can make sure that the upgrades you make will benefit the entire office and the business.

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