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Myths and Misconceptions About Small-business Technology Busted!

Every day, small-business owners make decisions that are critical to business operations. Should they upgrade their point-of-sale system? Should they hire more people? What use would the new project management software be to their business? Technology is essential to the success of a business. But when you have a minuscule budget for it, the decisions become even harder.

More complicated still are the myths and misconceptions that hound business technology. Many people believe that small businesses don’t need to depend so much on technology because it’s a small operation. People can do the processes manually. But this kind of thinking is what stops your business from flourishing. How can you expand your business if you keep thinking smaller things? Think big and dream for better things.

Myth #1: Technology Is Not Necessary

Technology has come a long way in easing processes and expanding the business reach. Yet, somehow, for a lot of people, it still has to prove its necessity in operating a business. You see technology being used in the warehouse—robot arms reach items high above the shelves, thereby reducing fatal accidents that have distressed so many over the years. Tech secures business processes, protecting sensitive data from getting breached and hacked. It also helped improve the assembly line, developing liquid-filling machines for the manufacturing and food industry, as well as massive robot machines for automakers.

Myth #2: Our IT Department Must Decide on the Tech to Use

Sure, your information technology department should guide you on where to invest your capital when it comes to technology. Is the latest Mac computer for your business? What anti-virus software should you get? A hands-off approach will not work to your advantage. IT departments focus on the latest software and upgrades. They don’t think about the organizational goals. They don’t care if these are cost-efficient. If they see the latest model and read raving reviews about it, they automatically suggest its procurement to the management.

Myth #3: Technology Alone Will Take Customers to the Business

Business owners see technology as lead generators, and they are correct. Using the right technology will bring customers to you. But take note that technology alone will not make your business a success. While it will pave the path for you to reach customers easily, you have to strategize and maximize its use. Technology alone will not bring customers to your business. You need a strategy on how to use it, how it can earn customer loyalty, and how to make your business more popular in the market you are targeting.

Myth #4: The Latest Tech Is the Best Tech

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If you are in the habit of buying the latest device, software, and gadget, stop right now. The latest technology is not necessarily the best technology for your business. They say that if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. That’s true in business technology, too. If you are not missing any salient feature, why upgrade to the new model? Wasting your money on new tech will not solve your business nor bring it to the top of the game. Technology is a supplement and not the primary mover of your business. It is up to you to use it accordingly and maximize the potentials it can provide.

You need to choose the tech that complements your business. The goal of every business tech should be to streamline the operations of the business. But if the technology you choose doesn’t fit your business, then the reverse will happen. It can have a negative impact on your business.

Myth #5: It Is Expensive to Maintain a Customized Business Solution

Many businesses don’t invest in the development of their apps or management software. The failure springs from the belief that it is expensive to develop and maintain it. There are excellent web and app development services that offer affordable packages for small businesses. Competition is increasing in this field, so customers and clients stand to benefit from better deals. The goal of custom apps is to deliver a solution that is tailor-fit to your business’ needs. It will help obtain the results that you want, thereby making the investment a necessary one.

It is time for small businesses to take the leap. Not only is technology streamlining business operations, but it is also generating leads and ensuring customer loyalty. These myths are hindering businesses from flourishing and allowing customers to turn to competitors. Focus on what your business needs to serve customers better, and you will never go wrong with the business technology you choose.

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