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Smart Things to Do After Unboxing Your Order

People have it easy these days. The Internet is now deeply ingrained in the minds and hearts of many. You can’t deny that there are billions of people online. It is a huge goldmine of opportunities for many industries, the world of commerce being one of them.

Shopping has become a convenient activity. People used to rush into stores and fight against other shoppers for goods and cashier terminals. Now, buying stuff online does not require you to leave home, and you can complete your transaction in a few clicks. In a few days, you will get your order right at your doorstep, ready for you to unpack.

But what about returning defective or undesirable products? You can use a return merchandise authorization (RMA) app for those. This will let the return process be as blissful as the shopping experience. As long as you have the necessary requirements that they will ask of you, primarily the receipts, you should have no problem with that. And that is the reality of purchasing things – not everything will be a keeper. This is why you should do some due diligence when you shop online.

Take Care of the Packaging

It is okay to be excited when your order arrives. This will make you want to tear open the packaging as fast as you can. But for more expensive items, such as smartphones and other expensive electronic items, it would be best to go easy on opening them. Keep the box in pristine condition as best as you can, and keep any plastic, cartons, or Styrofoam intact. Some retailers might ask for products to be returned in their original packaging. So in case you receive an item that does not work out of the box, you can return them with no complications.

Document It

Part of the RMA process is for you to send proof of defects, and you want to be as detailed as you can in this aspect. The most fool-proof way to document is to start from when the package is still unopened. It’s best that you record a video of you unwrapping your package, and then also send accompanying pictures with it. This will be your air-tight evidence that the product you have received is indeed marred with flaws.

Keep an Eye Out

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Sticking to electronic items, do not be complacent if the product is working. Problems may start manifesting a few weeks after you start using it. Try continuously using the item, but in realistic scenarios. For example, if you buy a waffle maker, use it as often as you can for one or two weeks. It does not mean that you have to use it for several hours straight because that would definitely cause a lot of wear and tear. Just use it a little bit more than your projected usage. For example, you can cook waffles every other morning for two or three weeks. If the machine can do that without problems, then it passes. If it conks out on you less than a month after the purchase, it’s time to review the store’s return policy and prepare to put it back in its original packaging.

Part of being a successful business is to provide goodwill to your customers. If you have a robust return process, buyers will remember and flock to you. They will spread the good word to others.

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