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The Pillars of Effective Branding

Your business’s identity is a valuable asset that you should always take care of. You know too well that your business name or brand is something that customers remember. With that, you should do your best to make sure that it is associated with good things and ideas.

For marketing newbies and small businesses, branding seems like an elusive and often confusing term. They will think that branding is just all about advertising; in reality, it is only one aspect of it. They might have this impression that this is quite irrelevant, but it is crucial for building relationships with your customers.

Other than focusing on your operations and acquiring business tools, such as asset management software or the like, you need to pay attention to this part of your venture.

Here are the foundations of good branding efforts:

The Message of Your Business

When customers think of your brand, what do you want them to think of it? This is the first question that you need to answer. Do you want to be perceived as that warm, helpful friend? Are you trying to look like a socialite? The messaging of your brand is essential, as it will eventually help you determine the voice, colors, and design elements that will appear in your branding efforts. The answers to the questions will help you define a theme that will make sure that your branding elements and efforts are tight and cohesive.

The Voice

The look of the logo can say a lot about your business, but you need to ensure that the tonality and voice of your brand are in line with the look. The way you talk will determine the personality of your business. In this regard, you will need to work with copywriters who can assume a voice depending on your ongoing theme and the type of customers you are serving. To make it much easier for you to visualize, think of a celebrity that you think best represents your brand, and then adopt his/her voice, mannerisms, and demeanor.


Branding should be consistent. It should be cohesive, and it must not fall apart. One aesthetic look should look the same regardless of the platform or media you are using. Consistency is easy to maintain when your designers, art directors, and creative directors have a guide to follow. In which case, you will need to build a branding bible.

Corporate Implementation and Cooperation

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Branding is not just all about outward communications. It would help if you instilled the values and leanings of your brands in the minds of your employees and stakeholders. This way also allows your employees to act as your very own brand ambassadors. When your team members believe in your brand, outsiders can also be drawn in eventually.

Being Proud of It

Your brand is more than just a business name. It is a badge of your genius. It is the mark of your dedication to making people’s lives better. With this in mind, you need to be proud of your brand.

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