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When Brick-and-mortar Stores Embrace E-commerce

Maintaining and growing a business is a challenge. Competition, wrong strategies, and miscalculated risks can bring your efforts down to nothing. Even with the help of a reliable bankruptcy attorney, nobody would want to close a business.

Nowadays, e-commerce seems to be taking the business world by storm. Brick-and-mortar stores become disheartened with this development. But this should not be the case. Instead of giving up, one should capitalize on strengths and incorporate some innovations. Can the traditional and the current mix? Here are some practical ways to do it.

Push for an Online Presence

The best way to keep up with a strong competitor is to pick up its strong points. At present, potential customers are always on the internet. Thus, it is a great advantage if a business has an online presence. Even if they are brick-and-mortar stores, they should be searchable on the internet.

Having social media accounts is also an effective and affordable way of promotion. The key here is to get the attention of a target audience. They should at least know that your business exists and ready to meet their needs.

Put Up an Online Store

Keeping up with change does not mean that you have to let go of your brick-and-mortar store. What you can do is to build another branch. But this time, your location is the virtual world. Think of expanding your business and incorporating an online store. A comprehensive website will be helpful in making your virtual branch a hit.

You can offer your products and services on the internet at the same time in your physical store. This broadens your range of clients. They will have the option of how to interact with your business.

Promote Both Stores to Win

If you have both a physical and an online store, be sure to give equal zest in promoting them. Capitalize on the strengths of each. Do not neglect one in favor of the other.

Some prefer brick-and-mortar stores because of their more comprehensive shopping experience. They can interact with the products and see for themselves any defects before buying.

Others prefer the online store because of its 24/7 shopping convenience. To add, there are no long queues or crowds to compete with. Also, they have the chance to compare prices before they decide on an item.

Propose Pick-Up Options

Another advantage of brick-and-mortar stores is the instant gratification of holding the product. Even with an online store in place, do not forget to offer pick-up options. This way, you only save the customer the hassle of plowing through crowds and cashier lines. But they do not have to spend on shipping fees or wait for a long time before their products arrive.

You can offer them the choice to pick-up their products the next day when they made the purchase. This option also opens up the chance for them to replace the products immediately if needed.

Provide Impeccable Customer Service

customer feedback

Whether with an online or a brick-and-mortar store, invest in your customer service. Customers want the feeling of being heard and valued. Thus, it is essential to give prompt answers to queries. Train your staff to have in-depth knowledge of your products. Make sure that every customer gets a personalized experience. This would encourage them to do repeat transactions with your business.

An innovative entrepreneur knows how to play his cards right. They keep up with change and the demands of people. E-commerce trends should not serve as a threat to brick-and-mortar store owners. Instead, they should be a motivation to level up strategies.


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