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Innovative Technologies that Can Boost Business Following the Pandemic

Developments in technology have always enhanced the way people live their lives. It also allowed businesses to grow and thrive. Some innovative technologies are expected to give businesses the boost they need to bounce back from the setback they experienced due to the pandemic for a good part of 2020.

Here are some innovative technologies that can help businesses to thrive in the coming future.

3D Printing

While 3D printing was invented in the early 80s, it was only recently that it created a buzz in the manufacturing sector. Technology is expected to play a key role in the manufacturing sector. Aside from creating small items, such as toys and small gift items, technology can also create bigger structures like houses.

But its use will not be limited to the creation of everyday items. The technology can be used to produce hard-to-obtain items, such as discontinued parts of classic cars. Banks can even use the technology to make components to prevent fraudulent activities, such as credit card skimming.

5G Networks

Faster connectivity, lower power consumption, and lower latency are just some benefits offered by 5G networks. The network is considered the best replacement for wired networks and can be used to provide coverage in previously unreachable areas.

Using the network will have businesses seeing lightning-fast data transfer and better network reliability. It means people can work inside planes, trains, and automobiles without worrying about slow internet speeds. The network can also be used on driverless vehicles and spur growth within this industry. Additionally, it will allow healthcare workers assigned in rural areas to connect with doctors in the city easily. This allows them to receive the support they need to provide care to people in these areas.

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Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can play a major role in businesses in the future. AI-enabled platforms can perform repetitive tasks to allow people to focus on other parts of the business. AI can also provide salespersons the information they need to make their work easier. They can access sales forecasts, improve communication, and see the needs of their customers.

Marketing can also benefit from AI since it can easily develop marketing strategies based on certain demographics and interests. It can target ads based on browsing history and show what customers are looking for through the ads. AI gives marketers insights into consumer behavior and allows them to adjust the strategies whenever necessary.

But AI isn’t only limited to business use since it can also be used in healthcare. A study showed that an AI model was used to detect asymptomatic coronavirus infections. The AI had a high rate of detection, particularly with asymptomatic cases. Despite this, it’s still important to let people go through biochemical screening for SARS CoV 2 to confirm the infection.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality is among the biggest trends in technology today. Some even consider it to become bigger than smartphones. The recent pandemic highlighted the potential of this technology. It allows people to go to a store and see the items they want to buy, even without leaving their homes.

The technology has reached a level where consumers do not need any special equipment to preview products in a store. They only need a smartphone or a tablet. For instance, if they’re planning to buy a skateboard, they can easily check it. Consumers can even look at the skateboard from every angle.

Additionally, the technology is also being used for virtual tours in the real estate industry. Potential buyers can check out properties in the comfort of their homes. Augmented reality can even be used in virtual staging in real estate.

The potential of these innovative technologies in business is endless. The only limitation people will have in using these technologies is their imagination.

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