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Must-Have Phone Programs for a Micro to Small Businesses

The convenience of having smartphones is not just limited to easier communication and sharing of lifestyles. It’s become an essential part of almost all daily transactions in our lives. From purchasing groceries to keeping tabs on children’s performance in school, you can do many things.

As a micro or small business, programs for smartphones also hold a world of potentials. There are existing apps, and there are also app developers who can design one according to your business needs. We suggest here some business basic needs that you must hold in the palm of your hands.

Payment tracker

There are apps for payments, like PayPal, Square, and others. But what you need is something that alerts you when a transaction has been done. Sometimes payments are made through bank transfers or payment centers. And the more options you have for payment, the more convenient and easier it is for customers to transact with you.

To make sure that you don’t miss their money transfers, you need an app that tracks different kinds of payments. Transaction codes could be keyed into a program that would verify with the payment services if there had indeed been a money transfer and alert you of it. In that way, you don’t need to continuously check all the payment services you have enrolled in.

Remote access to your home and office

When on the go, you need something that still allows you to monitor your home even when you’re away. Ideally, it would help if you had a smart home to control your appliances from a single panel. Systems like Control4 can connect to your smart home system and warn you if there’s anything wrong.

It can be used for your office as well. Files can be uploaded, but who could say if one of your ACs is still turned on? Instead of relying on someone who does the night duties of checking your office, have a program that allows you to check everything remotely.

A note-taking app

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A notepad where you can put everything in would be convenient not only in your business but in all aspects of your life. Although you could put in ideas, reminders, and task lists in your email, calendar, and even messaging system, it’s more efficient to find everything in a single app. There are different note-taking applications. Just find the right one for you.

It would be like the sticky notes of the past where you could put down tasks for the day or copy quotes that suddenly inspired you. At the same time, it should be like the Notes or notepad programs of laptops where you could work on longer texts you could go back to anytime.

A document reader

It’s not just about making all your important documents available online. You have to be able to access them any time and anywhere too. Phones usually have installed programs that allow you to read PDFs, excel sheets, and other kinds of documents. If you have not explored your phone that well yet, get familiar with it. You should be able to access reports and files even if you’re on the go. Make sure that this program would allow you offline reading. Some might not read particular file formats when downloaded, and you have to go online to read them.

As the world becomes more reliant on digital technology, more opportunities will naturally open up for you. You have to be aware of developing trends in online platforms to use them to your advantage. Even if you only have a small business, your adeptness at maximizing technology would be very beneficial, especially as businesses are no longer tied down to pencil-pushing and desk jobs.

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