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Transforming Your Beauty Business with Innovative Modern Marketing

It’s a fact that the beauty industry is a huge market in most parts of the world. A growing number of consumers do not hesitate to spend a great amount of their money just to achieve their beauty goals. And with such increased emphasis on self-care and health, it’s not surprising to see new cosmetic and beauty brands entering the scene.

If you’re one of them, you might already know that the competition in the beauty industry is getting much tighter. However, with the significant shift in operations and store closures, businesses are forced to embrace digital marketing. Want to digitally level up your beauty brand? Here are some strategies for you.

1. Build an authentic brand community

Fueling the desire of customers to connect with the brand is an effective way for beauty or cosmetics businesses to create brand advocacy. You need to have communities of your loyal fans and clients on social media platforms and other online forums. At the same time, you will need to have a unique yet genuine brand voice that your customers can resonate with.

Several ways you can build an authentic brand community are through inspiring customers to share their tips and feedback with others, collaborating with beauty experts to answer their questions, and sharing exclusive members-only promotions.

2. Create health-focused content

Content is a powerful element that your brand marketing campaign needs. The golden rule is to provide pieces of content that are valuable, interesting, and well-written. But most importantly it should be relevant. With the growing emphasis on personal hygiene or self-care, the consumers are also becoming more mindful of their habits and the products they consume.

Recognize this need by creating content that focuses on different hygienic beauty practices, how-to’s, and daily self-care tips. For instance, you can create a content series focused on educating customers on how to sanitize their makeup tools. If content development is a challenge for your team, it’s always best to hire a PR agency to take care of it. Such experts can’t just help you create content that reflects your brand, but also ensure it’ll be seen online.

3. Provide personalized brand experience

With tons of similar types of makeup or skincare products available in the market, it’s tough to make your brand stand out from the rest.  What you can do is empower people to get creative when using your products. This is the best way to foster personalized brand experiences. While there are already beauty brands that offer customizable color cosmetics, a tailored skincare experience is slowly making its way to the scene.

The idea can be quite costly, but if you’re able to offer a skin personalization tool, it can boost your sales pretty quickly. Come up with base skincare products that users can personalize based on their skin type or tone through add-ons like active ingredients or serum. Leverage your brand’s digital capacity by offering live tutorials and virtual consultations to enhance customer experience.

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4. Shift to organic or natural products

One of the biggest changes in the beauty industry is the market’s demand for natural products and sustainability. Several studies found that most modern customers tend to choose products that have toxins-shielding ingredients, and are food-based and less intense. We’ve also seen huge beauty brands like Sephora offering organic products to keep up with this market trend.

In designing or manufacturing organic or sustainable products, it’s essential to use ingredients and materials that are non-toxic, low waste, easily reproduced, biodegradable or recyclable, and rapidly renewable. You can also minimize resource consumption for your next product line by lightweighting, lengthening product lifespan, and using materials with low embodied energy.

5. Don’t forget social listening

Modern consumers love brands that listen to what they have to say. One way to track the online presence of your brand is through analyzing discussions about your products, brand, and even competitors. There are different social listening tools out there that you can use. All you need to do is to pick the most relevant keywords for your brand.

You can also seek the help of a marketing agency to monitoring online brand mentions that engage with potential customers. Be sure to listen everywhere, collaborate with your teams, and engage in regular conversations. Other benefits of social listening include finding brand advocates and influencers, getting an edge on the competition, and improving customer service.

Brands in the beauty industry are not only becoming more diverse and wellness-focused, but also technologically empowered. By incorporating these strategies into your marketing while harnessing digital technologies, your beauty brand can outperform your competitors.

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