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Wedding Magic: People Who Make Weddings a Reality

Happy endings are magical. It is often during weddings that we get to experience this kind of magic. But without proper preparations, there would be no weddings to attend.

It’s unfortunate that there’s no magicking wedding preparations. While we can’t wave a wand to get everything ready, we do have the option of employing people who are adept at wedding executions.

There are many wedding vendors, each with their own set of special skills. Without their help, many weddings may not have become a reality.


Perhaps the most sought-after wedding vendor in the market is the planner. They’re the ones who handle almost all aspects of the preparation. They coordinate with the soon-to-be bride and groom, working to bring their dream wedding to life.

Some of the things they can do for the couple are find and book a venue, refer decorators and caterers, and prepare the venue for both ceremony and reception. Their job is never truly done until the married either drives off for their honeymoon or see their guests off.

A wedding planner’s salary averages at $15 per hour.


Weddings should be immortalized through documentation. This is why couples shouldn’t cheap out when booking the services of a professional wedding videographer or photographer.

These skilled individuals are sure to deliver quality photos and videos of different moments from the wedding. From photos of just the newlyweds to ones of groups of people celebrating the union. They can also take planned or posed shots as well as candid moments.

The average annual salary of photographers and videographers is around $62,000.


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Flowers enhance the decorations. They make the venue and the wedding itself feel more special. On their own, they mean different things, like love, friendship, and happiness. When placed in an arrangement, they convey other things, too.

Many weddings are made better and more meaningful by the work of dedicated florists. While their primary role is to prepare one aspect of the decoration, they’re also in charge of creating bouquets for the bride and her entourage.

A florist’s average salary is $13 per hour.

Hair and Makeup Stylists

Everybody wants to look their best during their special day, hence the need for a hair and makeup stylist. These individuals often come with their own team, and they promise to make the bride her most beautiful for her wedding day.

Depending on the packages they offer, stylists do pre-wedding preparation for makeup application and hairstyling. After the ceremony, they can also touch up the bride’s look, so she appears stunning still come reception.

On average, hair and makeup stylists make around $32 an hour.

Wedding Band/DJ

A wedding band or DJ completes the ambiance during the reception. Their job entails playing background music as the married couple mingles with their guests. Some DJs are also expected to announce the couple and whoever it is that’s supposed to make a speech.

For these services, they make around $30,000 annually.


The reception is just as important as the ceremony itself. This is where the married couple and their guests continue the festivities with food. For the reception to be more enjoyable, the food should be fresh and caters to the palate of most guests. It should also be served in a timely manner.

This is why it’s important for the menu and the waitstaff to be exceptional. Both can be provided for by a caterer.

With the help of these wedding vendors, couples who wish to be married can experience something beautiful and memorable to look back on.

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