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The Pillars of Effective Branding

Your business’s identity is a valuable asset that you should always take care of. You know too well that your business name or brand is something that customers remember. With that, you should do your best to make sure that it is associated with good things and ideas. For marketing newbies and small businesses, branding

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Is Cloud Computing the Key to E-Commerce Success?

Cloud computing has made a massive impact on a range of sectors, including e-commerce. Its ability to streamline daily functions and reduce development costs has made it a valuable asset, especially for small to medium-sized businesses. What’s more, cloud computing is useful in building a brand’s online presence and driving revenue and growth. Before we analyze

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How Augmented Reality Helps People with Visual Impairment

Visual impairment is a silent problem that continuously plagues the region. According to the latest National Health Service survey, almost two million people in the United Kingdom live with some form of visual impairment or loss. Of this, more than 300,000 registered as either blind or partially sighted. Thankfully, technology has given visually impaired people

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Three Flexible Alternative Work Arrangements for Employers to Offer

We spend much of our adult lives working, so it’s no surprise that employers frequently receive complaints about a lack of flexibility. This can go beyond work-life balance concerns; sometimes, employees have to juggle family responsibilities or changing circumstances. Here are some options that an employer could offer to accommodate their employees’ requests for an

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Creating a Good Access Control Policy to Protect Sensitive Business Data

When running a business—either small or big—it’s important to look into the cybersecurity measures we have in place if not to protect our business, at least to protect the information we have gathered from our customers. Business owners have the responsibility to protect such sensitive information from getting into the wrong hands. Cybercrimes such as identity theft,

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5 Tips to Help Improve Productivity in the Workplace

Companies often struggle to stay productive in the workplace. There are days when deadlines are not met, and outputs are not delivered. It may be hard to pinpoint the issue. Some managers or CEOs might think it’s because of the employees, so they implement stricter rules to manage workers. But what they don’t realise is

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Disaster Recovery Plan

Pointers for Preparing a Disaster Recovery Plan

If you’re a consultant graphics designer or photographer, you need to make sure that your work portfolio is secured. You have everything stored in your reliable MacBook Pro. For added security, you can also hire the best online backup provider for small businesses to have all your data in the cloud. A training consultant or

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4 Ways to Protect Your Brand’s Integrity Online

Back in the day, the foremost concern on every business owners’ mind was theft. Thanks to the internet, there are new problems that threaten businesses everywhere — theft of intellectual property, infringement, and sabotage are only some of them. It’s important to be vigilant when it comes to brand protection. Protecting your brand ultimately protects

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Essentials of an Online Startup

Online businesses are becoming the hottest trend in the commerce sector. With the advancement in technology, this trend is here to stay. It could even develop into something bigger. There are many advantages to it. That is why it attracts amateur entrepreneurs to try their hand on this. Is it easy as it seems? What are the

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